The Satanic Mass By H.T.F. Rhodes
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The Alchemist’s Handbook By Frater Albertus
This incredibly rare book written by a fellow Rosicrucian and friend influenced how Regardie approached and understood Alchemy.


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right above the author’s stamped home address.

Frater Albertus Spagyricus (Albert Richard Riedel) born May 5,(1911–1984); founder of the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City, which later evolved into the Paracelsus College. Based on the Paracelsian concept of three essentials, Body, Soul and Spirit, Frater Albertus developed a system of teaching alchemical concepts using the spagyric technique of separation and cohobation. Frater Albertus had a profound effect on the way Alchemy and particularly the Spagyric method was disseminated and understood in the mid to late 20th century. His works were translated into many languages. He was a rosicrucian (an AMORC member).


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The Romance of Metaphysics 1946 Hard Bound
First Edition Signed by Israel Regardie in Blue Ink $3,666.66


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How To Make and Use Talismans by Israel Regardie
Paperback with Clean Book Plate Written by Israel Regardie. His Own Copy!


A talisman is an object that has been magically endowed with the power of attracting good fortune. With a properly charged talisman comes a link with the hidden forces that rule over the things a bridge with the unseen world, across which occult influence flow to protect and heal the owner. The making, inscribing and charging of talismans are described in full in this introductory manual, written by a pre-eminent modern occultist, enabling you to use talismanic magic to make contact with the supreme powers of the cosmos, and with the highest levels of your own being.

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Be Yourself - A Guide Book - The Art of Relaxation By Israel Regardie
1st Edition Hard Cover $1225
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Written by Israel Regardie and a first edition From 1965 this is his own personal library copy and truly a one of a kind and very magickal. This has a protective clear plastic sleeve around the outside of the original dust jacket and a very clean Regardie library bookplate right above his own stamp with his home address in Studio City. This is a hard cover and in amazing condition considering it’s age. This is still published today and is truly a classic Regardie book written by a more mature Regardie in the last quarter of his life.

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From Israel Regardie's personal effects! The Venice Troop 54 from 1955 where he served as one of the troop leaders - $999
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The Foundations of Practical Magic

1st Edition Hard Bound with Original Dust Jacket
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Written by Israel Regardie.

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A beautiful portrait by noted artist Delfina Marquez Noe.

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The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic -
Regardie's Magnum Opus!



The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic was Israel Rutshell, is Initiation. This is the master compilation of the magical teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of which Israel Regardie wegardie's last book, the final token of his True Will. Through this book he bequeathed to us the means to carry on the Great work o the Golden Dawn which, in a nas an initiated Adept. The material in this book is a highly improved version of the ground breaking material in the four-volume set by Dr. Regardie that revolutionized the Occult world in the late 1930s. It includes the Order's instructions in Ritual Magic, Invocation, Tarot, Qabalah, Enochian, Astrology, Esoteric Doctrine and more, along with the Order's Initiation Rituals.  Order Books I and II below.

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